Smoky Mountain Plantscapes Inc.

The Professional Difference

Ten easy ways anyone can evaluate the effectiveness of a
Professional Interior Plant Care Service

1. Are the Plants dusty?

2. Do the Plants contain brown leaves & leaf tips?

3. Do Plants appear to have lost a large amount of foliage, causing them to appear thin & shapeless?

4. Are the Plants insect & disease free?

5. Do Plants lack deep green lush appearance from lack of fertilizer?

6. Are Containers clean?

7. Is a top dressing employed to conceal soil and grow pot?

8. Do Plant arrangements look busy, as if they were put together with out much thought?

9. Do sick Plants linger before they are replaced?

10. Do the Plants enhance an inviting atmosphere of Success & Professionalism,
along with contributing to the impression of an ongoing attention to detail?

We Make it Easy to have Beautiful Healthy Interior Plants
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Smoky Mountain Plantscapes Inc.

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